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Term Two

Week Two
Today Elenoa shared her fascinating fact about Tonga - she did an amazing job

Nethasa shared her great information about animals on a DVD about zoo animals.

Lily did a great job at sharing her fascinating fact about the Sun.
I love the poster she made and that she could tell us so many interesting things.
Great job Lily.

Israa shared a LOT of information about Pompeii.  She did some outstanding research and was able to tell us so much about what happened in Pompeii.


 This is a link for Riley's fascinating fact.

Week Ten, Term One
This week Emma and Ava shared Fascinating Facts with us.

Emma taught us all about floating and sinking.  She even told us why things float - it's all to do with air bubbles.  Emma brought along some things that float and some things that sink to demonstrate for us.  She did a super job.

Ava taught us all about camels.  She told us so many cool things about their eyelids- have a listen to her in the clip below.  I love the way Ava also brought along some photos of her cousins with real camels.

Well done Emma and Ava, you both prepared fantastic Fascinating Facts.

Week Nine, Term One
Today Bernie shared his Fascinating Fact with us.
I was so proud of him as he shared great information he shared and the clear way he spoke to the class.
Bernie- I love that you shared information about Cheetahs .... and that you learned so many interesting things on your visit to Orana Park.

Well done.

Week Eight, Term One
Tiaan shared some amazing information and a great picture with our class.  Unfortunately I dropped my phone in the sea and I lost the video and photos I took of him.
Tiaan, you taught us all about Ibex.  I love that you could speak so clearly and that you were so well prepared.  You had an excellent picture too....I never knew Ibex had suction hooves!  I also didn't know they had horns that could touch their back.  Thanks for sharing Tiaan and sorry I lost your movie

Week Seven, Term One

Grace shared an amazing fact about anaconda snakes- she presented her information so well and she spoke with a very clear voice.  I love the way Grace was able to answer lots of questions too.  She found her information out by watching a movie on the computer.

Hayden did a great job of sharing his fascinating fact about the layers of the earth today.  I love the way that Hayden brought along a peach to demonstrate the different layers of the earth.  It was a fantastic presentation and a very fascinating fact.

Week Six, Term One
Finn shared a very fascinating fact about sharks....did you know they have 30000 teeth in their life time?  Did you know that some of the things found inside a dead shark include a chair, half a horse, bottles....have a listen to fabulous Finn

'Today Poppy shared her fascinating fact.
She told us all about rabbits....she even introduced us to rabbit showjumping!
Poppy also brought her rabbit along to school.  Bella was very well behaved and she has a lovely fluffy coat.
We could see that Poppy lovers Bella a lot.

Week Five, Term One

This week Charlotte shared a fantastic fascinating fact about how the Teddy Bear got its name.
She had done some amazing research and was able to teach us all about Theodore Roosevelt who was a famous American President.  He saved a bear and then some famous toymakers decided to make a bear too.  They asked the president if they could call the bear Teddy because that was as nickname for him too.

Charlotte presented her information so well to our class.  I particularly loved that she had chosen this fact on our Teddy Bear Picnic day- I thought that was very clever!

Unfortunately something has gone wrong with my video of Charlotte presenting her fascinating fact.  I recorded her on my phone but it has disappeared! 

I'm really sorry Charlotte, you did a great job and I wish I had the movie clip to share with you.

Week Four, Term One

Bina share her fascinating fact today.
Bina told us   "Dep Sea Anglerfish live 300 feet deep under the sea.  It uses its light called a c photophore to catch food.  It has a big mouth and sharp teeth.  It wobbles through the water."

Bina, I love the way you could answer lots of tricky questions. - Mrs Pelham
I liked the way that you know all about that type of fish- Grace
It's good that you came with a book and a picture to shwo us.- Elenoa
It reminded me of a piranha - Ava
I thought it was great interesting things because its teeth is the same as the four meter human eating shark - Harper
The video was funny - Ashley

It was great that Mum could come and watch - Bina

Week Three, Term One

This week Briannah taught us about how things fizz.  She had some awesome information to share with us.
Cillian fascinating us by teaching us about the strongest muscle in your body ... do you know which muscle it is??  Cillian was an amazing teacher.

Week Two, Term One

This week Bryn shared an amazing fact with us.
He taught us that it would take 8 days and 8 hours to drive from the North Pole to the South Pole if there was a road in a straight line.

Bryn,  I loved the way you used the globe to help you explain your fact and I love that you knew so much information. - Mrs Pelham
Thank you, that was a lovely fact - Lily
We had fun listening to you and learning new things that you taught us - Charlotte
We are so glad that you are in our class because you know amazing things - Briannah

Harper taught us how popcorn pops.  She read us a great poem then she showed us some real corn on the cob and she used balloons to explain how popcorn pops.  She taught us that popcorn has moisture in the middle, when it is heated the moisture expands and then explodes.

We made some popcorn to see it in action.

Harper, I loved the way you spoke clearly and confidently and you used lots of props to help us understand how popcorn pops.- Mrs Pelham
Thank you Harper, for telling us stuff about popcorn - Briannah
Harper, it was really funny when you blew the balloon up - Bryn
Harper, you read the poem really well - Elenoa


Each week two children from our class have the chance to discover a fascinating fact and then share their knowledge with our class.

We find a fact that we are really interested in and then we share it with our class on a Thursday.  We even invite our parents along to listen if they want to!

Check out this page for our Fascinating Fact videos!

This is a copy of our task!

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