Scientist of the Week

In term two we have a Science Focus in our classroom.

We would love you to have a look at us being Scientists of the Week.

We are very excited about sharing our Science learning with our class .... and we will have a go at some cool experiments too.

This is our task.

Scientist of the Week

I have had a bit of a technical glitch loading Scientist of the Week clips from weeks five, six and seven. I have made this combined clip - hopefully this will solve the problem

Our Scientists of Week Five were Tiaan, Finn and Charlotte. Tiaan showed us how sound waves work using a slinky - Tiaan, you explained the science so well and you knew exactly what was happening. I was very proud of you. Charlotte showed us how tornadoes happen by using a bottle with glitter in it. She was very good at spinning the bottle and left it at school so we can all have a turn at making a tornado. Great work Charlotte. Finn shared some magic sand with us. He taught us that it stays dry in water because it is hydrophobic which means it is afraid of water. Finn also taught us that rain jackets are made out of hydrophobic material so they keep us dry. Finn also left his magic sand for us to play with. Another super scientist in our class. Have a look here to see these scientists in action. Week Four
Riley B was one Scientist of the Week this week.  He shared his learning on Tuesday.  Riley, I love the way you were able to explain how your science was working.  I also loved that we were able to try different ways to make the vibrations and see if the salt moved.

Great work Riley
Today Hayden did a great job of explaining his science experiment to our class. Have a look at him here. Cillian and his able assistant Alannah also did a great job of sharing his experiment.

Week Three

Our First Scientists of the Week were Bryn, Bina and Israa.

Have a look at these super scientists sharing cool science experiments and information.  I am very proud of them. I also love that they could explain what happened to us too.

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