Thursday, 30 May 2013

Force Detectives

Today we visited Science Alive in Room One.

We learned so many great things about Forces.

Huge thanks to Sarah, Shireen and Sharon who helped make this session so great.

Reading Fun

This week our reading time has been a bit different because Mrs Pelham has needed to some testing with us.  Instead of having reading books with Mrs Pelham we each chose our own favourite class library book.

First we read the book on our own or with a buddy or with Tracey.

Next we thought about what the story was about.

We learned what a BLURB is and we explored some of these on the books we were reading.

Then we wrote our own blurb for the book we had chosen.

After this, we drew a cover for our book.  Then we decorated the back and glued our blurb on.

Mrs Pelham took photos of us reading our books.

We look fantastic!

We are all excited about the books we read and can't wait to read some of the books our friends chose.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is it SCience or Magic?

Today we did a really cool science experiment.

Mrs Pelham put some water in a bucket. She told us she was going to spin it around.

We had to predict is we thought she would get wet.

Some of us thought yes and others thought no.

Then we did the experiment.

WOW, Mrs Pelham didn't spill a drop!

We had a turn too......all of us managed to do the same!  No water was spilt, only Finn got a tiny bit wet as he stopped spinning the bucket!

Mrs Pelhan posed this BIG QUESTION to us

Why didn't we get wet?
Was it Science or Magic?

You did it too fast and the water needs some time to drop out of the bucket - Bryn

The wind was pushing against the water to make it go back into the bucket because we were spinning it fast - Tiaan

When we spun it the air got into the water to stop it from getting out - Bina

it didn't spill because you were spinning the bucket too fast.  When you stopped it didn't come because you were swinging it too fast - Ahsley

Gravity stopped it coming  out - Charlotte

when the  bucket was spining the water was spinning too - Poppy

there was gravity, without gravity it would float in the air and come out of the bucket - Emma

the water stayed in because we swung it too fast and also it meant all the air made it stay in almost like a feather except it's like water in a bucket and you twirl it around - harper     

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Maths in the Real World

Today we talked about maths in the real world.

We discovered that maths is EVERYWHERE.

Riley asked a BIG Question "Is there anywhere that maths isn't?"  We posted this question on Wonderopolis but if you have any ideas about an answer we would love to hear!

We found maths in so many places - like shapes, the clock, building towers and mobilo and lego, we found numbers in games and soooo many other examples.

We drew some amazing pictures of maths in the real world.

I will post some photos tomorrow.

Great Writing

Today we did some fantastic writing.

We started with a shape.  Then we drew more pieces to make the shape into something.

Our stories were formatted along these lines

A .............. is just a .............. until you add .................. then it becomes ....................

Cillian did such a great job he shared his writing with Mrs Warren.  He was amazing.

Tomorrow we will publish our great writing.  We would love you to come and have a look at how we went.

May the Force be With You

Today we learned about forcces.

We discovered that if you drop things they fall at the same speed even if one is heavy and the other is very light.  This is because gravity pulls them to ground at the same speed.

We also discovered that things like feathers take longer to land on the ground becuase they catch some air and that slows them down.

We dropped lots of things to test this theory.  We discovered it is true!  Even when dropped a tiny crayon and a huge, heavy drink bottle they landed at the same time!

We had a competition to see who could make their piece of paper stay in the air for the longest time.  We discovered that the greater the surface area the slower the paper fell.

Have a look at the great clips here.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Riley's Great Invention

Wow, I was so excited to hear Riley tell me about his amazing Lightening Attracting Machine.

I was even more excited to get these photos .... what an amazing invention Riley, I can't wait to find out if it worked!

Israa's Amazing Machine

Today Israa drew this amazing machine that uses fantastic forces.

I love your thinking Israa

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cillian and Hayden Perform a Play

Cillian and Hayden worked hard at reading time all week to learn a play called Stone Soup.

They did such a great job and I felt so proud of them both.

Discovery Time Scientists

During Discovery time we had a great time making our own potions, using the brain box and discovering all sorts of cool science things!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Robot Fun and Brain Box in Action

Today Harper and Ashley made these really cute robots and other children had fun using Finn's Brain Box.

Dancing Raisins

Today we did a experiment where we made raisins dance!

It was a lot of fun.

We put lemonade in a glass and then added some raisins.
We enjoyed watching the raisins bob up and down in the glass.

We discovered this happened because the carbon dioxide in the drink made bubbles on the raisins.  Then the raisins floated to the top.  When the bubbles popped the raisins sank again.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another great science site

A Beautiful Comment

I really, really do have the most amazing class.

Today my heart melted when a delicious boy told me

"we are going to play Scientists at lunch time today because it is so much fun doing science"

I love that the children are so involved, enthusiastic and excited by the science we have been doing.

I am so proud of the children for having a go at home too.  There are some super clever kids in our class!

Acid or Alkaline?

Today we used Red Cabbage Dye as an indicator.

We discovered that this means the dye changes colour depending on whether something is an acid or an alkaline.

We had so much fun adding all sorts of things to our indicator dye.

We mixed different things and saw different reactions.

I LOVED listening to the excitement as the children did this experiment and seeing their faces as they made all sorts of discoveries.  I also loved that they could explain things.

I have captured some of this session on video- while the quality of the movie isn't great, it is SO worth listening to hear the fantastic conversations that were going on in our room during this lesson.

The children discovered that acids turned the indicator dye bright red and alkaline turned it blue.  They also discovered that they could make chemical reactions in their cups!