Thursday, 28 February 2013

on the Moon fun

I love that you are all so motivated to learn about the moon while we have been reading the Magic Treehouse book.

I thought you might enjoy these clips.

Amazing Emma

Today Emma shared her butterfly life cycle with our class.

This is what she worked hard on at home as part of her home learning.

Emma made a fantastic poster and used lots of crafty materials.

She explained the life cycle really well too.

Well done Emma, you are a star.

Celebration Assembly

Today we had our first whole school assembly.

The school leaders for 2013 were announced.

These children will be our house captains, school council and head/deputy head boy and girl.

Outstanding, Wise Bryn

Look at lovely Bryn.
Today he was wearing his new glasses for the first time....I think he looks very wise in them and love that he is so excited by them.

Today Bryn was reading about dinosaurs.  I loved the way he could share so much information with the reading group about dinosaurs- he even found another book about dinosaurs to give us more information....he is like a fountain of knowledge and we love it.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Craters on the Moon

Our lastest Magic Treehouse book is about the Moon.

It is set in the future.  We thought this was quite exciting.  In the story there is a moon station that astronauts can visit.

We learned that there are craters on the moon.
We learned how they are formed too- by big rocks falling into the moon dust.

We went outside and dropped a tennis ball into flour to make our own moon craters.

Lily's Amazing Home Learning

Today Lily brought along this fantastic video clip of her acting out the life cycle of the butterfly.

We are working on how to transfer the video from her leap pad to our blog.

Butterfly Art - part two

Today we finished our fantastic butterfly art.
First we dyed our paper green.
Next we drew our own butterflies.
Then we cut them out.
Finally we glued them onto our picture.

We think they look fantastic.
What do you think?

Carnivourus plants

Today Hayden, Bina, Bryn and Harper read a book about carniviourus plants.

here they are about to teach the class!

They discovered that these plants trap and eat flies.

Hayden said "I learned that some of the plants are sticky and that is how they catch bugs to eat.  I learned some venus fly traps close slowly to trap flies."

Bina said "When the fly lands in the mouth, the plant eats the fly."

Bryn said "I knew about them already.  I like that they are sticky."

  Harper said, " venus fly traps are really still so they can hunt their prey."

We looked on You Tube and discovered some great clips, this was one of our favourites.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013


We have learned about working cooperatively.

Today we worked hard on our butterfly art and we worked cooperatively with our friends.

This clip made me think of Room 16 today

more songs

Reading Fun

I love this song!

Can we learn it at school?

Ice Age

Our latest Magic Treehouse story is about the Ice Age.

We have been reading about sloths, mammoths and sabertooth tigers.

I thought you might enjoy this clip

Butterfly art

Today we started to make some really amazing butterfly pictures.

We are really good at knowing the life cycle of a butterfly now.

We can explain it in our own words.

Today we began a piece of art that we will finish later in the week.

First we tore paper....we discovered that if you rip paper in one direction it goes in a straight line, if you tear in the other way it goes crazy!

Then we glued the newspaper to our art paper .... it will become our grass.

Oh, the Places you will go....

Today we published our goals.

We made these great balloons and attached our we are now hanging on for the ride!  Just like in the book!!

Have a look in our classroom to see what we did.

Happy Birthday Finn

Today Finn turned six years old.  Finn had a great day.  He made an awesome monarch butterfly that he shared with us.
Finn also brought along some cup cakes to share with our class....they were delicious!

Thanks Finn, we hope you had an awesome day.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Goal Setting

Today we talked about goals.
We learned that goals are important to help us improve our learning and to help us become successful people.

We watched this clip

We liked that it tells us we can go so far .... but we will all have hiccups along the way.  It also teaches us that we need to work hard at our goals and constantly set new goals to make sure we are being the best we can be.

We wrote our own goals today too.

Mrs Pelham took our photo while we hung on the monkey bars.  This was quite tricky for some of us!  Tomorrow we will make balloons with our goals written in them and we will share our goals

OH, the Places we will Go


We spent lots of time today talking about cooperating with other people.  We are very wise learners because we all know what cooperation means....and we can even read that really big word!

We watched a cute you tube clip and we did some cooperative work with our friends.

Fantastic Fitness

Today we talked about the left and right side of the brain and the way the two sides of the brain work together and communicate.  We discovered there are some very fun exercises we can do to help our brain work even harder than it already does.

We started by doing some pencil rolls.  Have a look at us as we made a pencil case!

We discovered that if we cross our hands and feet as we roll we can stay in a straight line.  This is a fantastic way to make the vestibular system in our brain work....that's a huge word and we can explain what it means!....ask us!!

I was so proud at writing time as some of the children remembered what we had learned and when they were having trouble thinking about letter sounds they did a pencil roll before returning to their desks....amazingly they were able to write what they needed to after that!  Clever, kids I think.

After we did our pencil rolls we went outside and had a go at using some of the PMP equipment.  We are using this for our fitness this term.  Today we learned how to use the equipment.  We also learned how it helps our brain.  We had heaps of fun and we followed the instructions very well.