Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wearable Arts

Wow, Room 16, I was SO proud of you all at the Wearable Arts Show.
You all did a brilliant job of presenting your work to a huge audience, you looked fabulous and you walked like true models on the runway.
The lighting was magical, so much fun.

Huge congratulations to


Who were selected as prize winners from our class.

This is a video clip of the dress rehearsals and on the night - thanks to Bronwyn and Jaz for the great photos.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Problem Solving

We thought about things that MIGHT go wrong on our Performance Night and ways to solve the problems!

We might arrive late and our classroom is empty - Nethasa
If this happened we could go to the hall or Room 14 because they are the places our class could be - Bryn

We might fall over - Ashely
Pick yourself up - Lily
Carry on and finish your turn on the runway - Mrs Pelham will be waiting to give you a big snuggle AFTER your turn! - Lily

The Light could blow a fuse - Harper
Carry on - because not ALL of the lights would out at the same time - Charlotte

There might be a powercut - Bryn
Stay CALM - the adults would come to help you. - Cillian

YOu might slip on the stairs - Bina
Hold the hand rail when you are walking to avoid this.
If you DO slip, hop back up and carry on, you will be okay. - Israa

The stereo system stopped working - there was no music - Riley B
Carry on - Cooper

There could be a fire - Nethasa
Listen to your teachers - the fire brigade would come and some adults would use the fire hose reel. - Riley B

There could be an earthquake - Ashley
Make a turtle - Harper
Listen to your teachers - they will tell you what to do next - Elenoa

Your costume started to fall to pieces when you are walking - Mrs Pelham
Keep on walking - Finn

Monday, 23 September 2013

Dress Rehearsal

Today we had a full dress rehearsal of the Wearable Arts Show. The children all did a great job of parading along the Catwalk. I loved watching the moves they made!


Today the Year Two Choir sang in the Celebration Assembly.

They were AMAZING.

We were so proud of you.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Look what I just noticed!

thanks so much to everyone for supporting our class and our blog .... we love having so many visitors sharing in our learning.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A fantastic challenge for you

Have a go at drawing these awesome pictures .... bring me along a copy of what you have drawn and I will add it to the blog.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Nethasa's Got Talent

Today Nethasa performed in the St Albans Talent Show at lunch time.

She was amazing - I felt so proud of her.

Nethasa did a great dance.

I will add the video soon.

I see, I think, I wonder .... I write!

Today we began a new writing adventure with our writing.
 We looked closely at a picture (which I will post in a day or two).
 We spent lots of time talking about what we could see. Then we had a go at writing what we could see - but there was one key word we were not allowed to use! (I'll tell you that word later!).

 Our goal is to have people read our writing and form a picture in their head of what we could see ... then we will show them the photo to see how close they were.

 We have sent home a copy to our parents for them to have a go at ... next we will do some thinking about these creatures and then some wondering - we will end the term with a great wee inquiry.

 Have a read of our ideas here

I see a cub on its soft, furry, mother in a light, sunny clearing of the jungle.  The mother is carrying its soft cub.  They both have soft whiskers.

By Tiaan

One day the baby cub was biting the Mother’s ear.  They have black and white and orange stripes.  There are flowers around them.

By Riley S

In this picture I can se a cub pouncing on his mother and chewing his mother’s ear.  I see a jungle with bushes and flowers. 
I see some sparkling stripes and two black noses.
I see trees surrounding the big jungle clearing.  I see in the clearing green leaves and grass. 
That’s what I can see!

By Lily

I see a cub on its Mother’s back.  It is also chewing its Mothers head!  They are in the forest.  There are also yellow and white flowers and trees.

By Hayden

I can see a baby cub and a mummy.  The baby cub was chewing the mother’s ear.  They were about to go in a jungle.  The baby cub was frightened.  I see white and yellow flowers.

By Emma

I see a cub on her mother’s back, some trees surrounding them, lots of flowers too.  I see black and white an orange stripes, two big ears in a jungle clearing too. I see some long whiskers, some big round eyes, four eyes too.

By Ava

I see orange fur and black stripes.  The cub was biting her mum’s ear.  I see a black nose.

By Ashley

I see an enormous hill with yellow flowers!  It is in a light jungle.  There are some animals.

By Bryn

I saw a cub in deep, dark jungle.  Some whiskers, a bright black nose, two orange ears.  I see a cub chewing on its mother’s ear and trying to climb on her back. 
I see lots of flowers in an emerald bush.

By Israa

I see a cub lying on its mother. I see its black nose.  I think a bit like I’m in so I stop to have a look.  It’s chewing its fur.  It’s orange and black.
I wonder what to do, I see white whiskers, I see a sad face, some yellow flowers behind the cub.

By Bina

I can see a baby cub chewing his mother’s ear.  The baby cub is wrestling his mother.  The mother has long whiskers.  Baby cub has orange eyes. 

By Briannah

I see the cub’s whiskers and a baby cub on the mother’s back.  The cub has a stripy back  and the colours are black and orange.  I see yellow and white flowers.  I think there are yummy, green leaves and  I think they eat green leaves.

By Fatai

I see the cub biting the ear of its Mum.  I can see a wide open mouth.  There are orange stripes.  I can see claws.  It’s got flowers too.

By Finn

I see bushes in the clearing.  I see trees around the clearning.  I see a cub biting her Mum or Dad’s ear.  The little cub had a mum or dad to keep him warm in the dark jungle. 

By Elenoa

One day there was a striped cub with long whiskers and a pink nose cuddling a bigger version of himself.  The small one was chewing on his mother’s ear with sharp teeth and slobbering all over his mother’s head.  The mother was grumpy.
The were inside a jungle clearing with flowers around it.

By Riley B

I can see a mother with her cub.  There are flowers surrounding them.

By Harper

My Challenge to the children is to write a description at home and see if I can work out what the picture is of :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

General Knowledge

In term four we are having a focus on General Knowledge. This wee clip about continents will be a great starting point for you to increase your general knowledge. When you think you can find all of the continents on a map come and see me .... I have a wee prize up for grabs too for the first person to learn the continents!

Forces revisited

Last term we did some great learning about forces. I just found this fantastic clip and really wish I had known about it last term! I wonder if you will do some reflecting on our term two learning when you watch this?

Monday, 9 September 2013


This is going to be a motivator for our writing - I can't wait to see your great ideas and listen to the stories you write.

E Pa's Song

E Pa is a teacher who worked very hard at St Albans School. I haven't had the pleasure of working with him but I feel very lucky to be part of a celebration St Albans is putting together to honour someone who has given so much to our school. This is a song we are learning and will record for E Pa.

Cricket Fun

Today some Canterbury Cricket Players came along and took a fun cricket session with our class. We had fun using the cricket bats!

Calendar Art - take two

Today we did a second take of our Calendar Art. These WILL be edited before they are in final form and will look amazing I will be preparing these for you to view in the office by Wednesday.