Sunday, 27 October 2013

Beautiful Bina

On Friday Bina had her first violin lesson. She was so excited when she came back to our class - she had her very own (loan) violin! After lunch Bina showed us what she had learned during her lesson. She even knew the names of the strings! Bina, we think you are amazing.

A BIG art project in Room 16

On Friday we began working on a HUGE art project that we will complete in groups. First we split into groups of three. Next we decided on a person in our group to be the 'poser' .... we used the sun outside to create a shadow silhouette which Nicky kindly traced around for us. In the afternoon we painted some pieces of paper different colours. Over the next few weeks we will cut out some circles from the coloured paper. We will also paint our people black and then stick the coloured pieces onto them. We think they will look amazing - and it's great to be working as part of a team too.


On Friday our class hosted a FANTASTIC Year 2 assembly. I was so proud of the children as every single person had a role to play - some children presented the assembly, some read poems, some lead the Year 2's in a Zumbatomic Dance and others presented Sam Bear. It was one of the highlights of our year. Well done Room 16.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Tomorrow our class is leading the Year Two Assembly.
We have lots of fun things to share.
This is a video of Ashley, Harper and Elenoa who are leading a zumbatomic dance with all of the year two children.  This clip is to help them remember the moves!

Cupcake FUn

Today we were very lucky because we used some cupcake making machines to make our own delicious cupcakes.

We wrote these instructions as a class

1. put all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix together (the recipe is in our poetry books).

2. put two spoons of mixture into a cupcake case.

3. lift the cupcake case into the machine.

4. close the lid of the cupcake machine and cook for 12 minutes.

5. Take cupcakes out of the machine and leave to cool.

6. wash the dishes.

7. eat your cupcake.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Letters from Disneyland

Last term when we were learning about fairytales and letter writing we wrote letters to Disneyland to our favourite fairytale characters.

Today was SOOO exciting because we got letters back from Disneyland!

Sports FUn

Today a teacher called Mrs Jones came and did some great athletics skills with us.
We practiced running, throwing and jumping.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dinosaur feet

Have a look at these huge dinosaur feet!

Dinosaur Egg

Today we put a dinosaur egg into some water, we are going to watch it hatch over the next few days. I asked the children to think of a HYPOTHESIS about how the dinosaur might hatch out of the egg. I was impressed with the thinking they did. Listen to these great ideas.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Charlotte's Dinosaur Maths

Charlotte has also had a go at comparing the size of her foot to a dinosaur's foot. Have a look at this fantastic work Charlotte shared with us today.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Brilliant Bernie

As part of our home learning this week we are comparing the size of a dinosaur footprint to our own.
Bernie did this over the weekend - look at what he discovered!

Bernie, I was so incredibly proud of you today - you had completed your home learning before school even started back for the term .... and even more wonderful was the way you spoke so clearly and confidently in front of our class.  I was so impressed with all of your dinosaur knowledge and that you were so confident to share it with us - you are amazing Bernie.

400 Words


A while ago we entered some of our great writing into the 400 Words Writing Competition on The Breeze radio station.

Today we checked to see how we got on -

made us so proud as we discovered SHE is one of the finalist!

Have a listen to Ashley's story being read by a famous author here

Ashley's Story

Tune into The Breeze on Monday 21 October to hear if Ashley is chosen as the overall winner - she might win $400 and some books for our school library!

We are so proud of you Ashley

Dinosaur Dig

Today we became Palaeontologists.
We made a magnifying glass and then we went on a Dinosaur Fossil Adventure.

We went to the Egg Playground.
We used our magnifying glasses to hunt for dinosaur fossils.

We all found some!

Then we went back to our class and used toothbrushes, tweezers and water to free our fossil.

It was amazing - Charlotte
It was hard to get the dinosaurs out - Briannah
we got our toothbrush, tweezers and water.  We scrubbed at the fossils - it was mightily hard to get out but we each got our dinosaur out in the end - Riley B
I had water on my fossil to get the dinosuar out - Fatai
The fossils looked like plain rocks - Bina
In the fossil there were little toy dinosaurs - Ava
I tried my best to get the toy out - Nethasa
We also learned about using our hairclips as tweezers! Great thinking Lily! - Harper
I tried to get my dinorsaur out with a toothbrush - Tiaan
We needed toothbrushes and tweezers to get the dinosaurs out of their fossils - Lily
We had to find dirt that covered a dinosaur - it was really hard to get out - Ashley

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Holiday Challenge for my Wee Pickles

Hi My Little Pickles I hope you are having a great holiday. What have you been up to? Have a listen to this and see if you can make your own recording.


Can you add a goal to this Padlet?

Can you have a go at this survey?
Get your own Poll!

Writing Fun

This is a clip we will be using at school after the holidays - what sort of adventure would you go on?

Bubbles from gabriela zapata on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Happy Holidays

Hi My Lovely Wee Pickles

I hope you are having great fun in the holidays.

I would love to hear what you are getting up to - you could even send me a photo to post on the blog!

Today we had lots of fun in Hanmer.  This is a photo of my wee girls having a lovely walk before bed.