Sunday, 28 April 2013

just for fun


Have you ever wondered about BIG THINGS....but had no luck finding the answers to your BIG QUESTIONS?

This term is your chance to shine!

We are going to be thinking of some great BIG QUESTIONS and finding ways to answer them.

We will be using this wonderful web site

to help us find answers to our BIG QUESTIONS.

Start thinking now...this will run alongside our Fascinating Facts this term and I can't wait to see what amazing ideas you have.

Weird and Wonderful Talents

Do you have any hidden talents!

Have a look at this girl, she is amazing!

Cup Stacking

I like to Move it, Move it

.....I was having a look for some fun things to help with our Forces Unit.

I thought you might enjoy this

Peep and the big Wide World

Friday, 26 April 2013

South Africa Freedom Day

April 27 is Freedom Day in South Africa.
This is a very special day for people in South Africa because it celebrates the day that all South African people were allowed to vote for a President for their country.

In our class we have Lily, Tiaan and Emma who have all come from South Africa.
We hope you and your families can celebrate this special day in style.

May the Force be with You

Our new topic is Forces- I like to move it, move it.

I am really excited about this topic.  We will be doing lots of experiments and finding out all about cool ways to make things move...and figuring out how lots of toys and every day objects move.

Maybe over the holidays you could have a look at your favourite toy or things around your house and figure out how they work....I'd love to hear how you get on.

I've added some cool links to the Current Topic Tab at the top of this page to get you started

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Today is ANZAC Day.
Do you remember why we have ANZAC Day?

Did anyone go to the Dawn Parade this morning?

I have made ANZAC biscuits today...they are rather yummy and a good way to remember why we have ANZAC Day.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Eric Carle

This term we are going to be learning about Eric Carle.

I wonder how many of you know who Eric Carle is you have any books you can share with our class?

Have a look at this blog by Eric Carle to get some ideas about what we might do in our class this term.

Eric Carle's Blog

Check out our Current Topic Tab at the top of this page, I've added some great links to Eric Carle's work.

Monday, 22 April 2013

A wet start to the holidays!

Hi My Little Pickles

I hope you have had fun over the last few days.  It has been so wet...but that was fun too!

Here is my little Charlotte jumping in puddles....what did you do in the rain?  You could email me or write a blog about what you got up to.

Poor Charlotte also had a tummy bug last night- that wasn't fun!

Special Visitors

On the last day of term we were very lucky because Mrs Warren's son, Jackson, visited our classroom.  He even helped us to dye our art work.

Mrs Norton's daughter was sick on the last day of term too so Mrs Pelham worked...Charlotte was excited because she came to school for the day too.  We are so good at taking care of her!

OWLS - Outstanding Wise Learners

We have been OWLS for a whole term now.

On Friday we celebrated a term of Outstanding Wise Learning with some Owl art.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Today we celebrated ANZAC day.

We began the day by talking about what ANZAC day means.  We discovered it is a time to remember the men who went to war.  We are very lucky that these men fought for our freedom and to make our world a better place.

We had a special assembly where Mr Williams told us a story about 44 men who used to go to St Albans School when they were little boys.  When they grew up these men went to war and they died.  Mr Williams told us what it was like for the children growing up in war times.

We realised we are very lucky and we should remember the soldiers who went to war and never returned.

We also listened to the bugle being played in our classroom and in assembly.  We showed excellent respect during assembly, especially during the minute of silence.

We also did some excellent ANZAC art in our class today.  We made poppies using muffin cases.  We sponged a blue background made out of dye.  Then we added our poppy, finally we painted a stem onto our poppy.  We think our art looks great at it will help us to remember the soldiers who went to war.

Millie and Tilly from Room 5 even brought Mrs Pelham an ANZAC cookie they had baked!  It was YUMMY.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Night to Remember

Room 16, I feel so proud of you tonight.

You all did your jobs superbly, you greeted people in a friendly way, you used excellent manners and you managed the money so well.

It was amazing to have Jem, Adam and Ronnie there to see you being Movie Stars.

Congratulations on a fantastic night and a term of wonderful, wonderful learning.

 Here are links to our movies

Big Day In

We braved the weather this morning and shared our decorated bikes and scooters. Harper's scooter got a special mention as it arrived a bit later in the day!  Well done to Hayden who won a prize!

We had an awesome disco after morning tea and then watched the wizard of oz.

I am very proud as our whole class was part of the big day in which means everyone has been amazing all term!

It was a great day. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It's Nearly Time!

Today we had a practice run of our Movie Night.  It was so much fun.

First we made some popcorn and poured some drinks.

Room 5 and 8 came along to watch our show.  We welcomed them to our movie night and sold them tickets and gave them programmes.  After that the children bought drinks and popcorn ready to watch our movies.

We introduced our movies and then watched them.  It was so exciting to see them on the big screen.  We can't wait until tomorrow when our families can see too!