Sites to follow up

These sites are related to things we are doing in our class.

Please have a look, do some exploring and share them with your parents.

The Magic Tree House
We are going to be reading the Magic Treehouse series of books in our classroom.
Can you explore the website too?
What can you discover?
Our class log in is
I'll share our password when you start school!

This is an amazing website and also an app for apple and android.
I will give you each a user name and password (I've already assigned them) when school starts.
You can work through the maths and reading activities at your own pace. 
The computer can read the questions to you if you are unsure of words.
I will check in to see how you are doing!

Kids Blog
This is YOUR chance to blog!
KidblogI'd love you to add your thoughts, ideas, jokes, photos, stories and anything else you can thing of to your own blog.
To log onto this site, click the link above then log in by finding your name in the list.
The password you need will be shared with you at school :)

You might need some help with this the first few times you use it, but it will be great!


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