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Each week two children are chosen to be our Wise Owls.  These children will share a fascinating fact with our class on a Thursday morning.  Parents are welcome to come along and listen too!
This is a copy of the task.

 Are you wondering what to do with all of those school books?  Here is a list of how to label them all :)

Have a look at this You Tube Clip, it explains multiple intelligences (SMARTS)  :)

Here is a link to a wee introduction to Sam and Tina A note from your teachers

Here is a link to some tips to making school successful for your child.

This link is for a fantastic Facebook page a friend and I have put together to share ideas....there are some great teaching ideas and also some wonderful ideas for parents too.

Fantastic Ideas for families

Some great ideas to help your child with reading.

In our class we constantly aim to improve our learning.  This is the marking guide we follow in our classroom to help us know  how well we are doing and what we need to work on next.

Ipad Apps this link is for a list of ipad apps we use in the classroom.  Please feel free to add any great apps you know of to it.

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