Monday, 25 February 2013

Fantastic Fitness

Today we talked about the left and right side of the brain and the way the two sides of the brain work together and communicate.  We discovered there are some very fun exercises we can do to help our brain work even harder than it already does.

We started by doing some pencil rolls.  Have a look at us as we made a pencil case!

We discovered that if we cross our hands and feet as we roll we can stay in a straight line.  This is a fantastic way to make the vestibular system in our brain work....that's a huge word and we can explain what it means!....ask us!!

I was so proud at writing time as some of the children remembered what we had learned and when they were having trouble thinking about letter sounds they did a pencil roll before returning to their desks....amazingly they were able to write what they needed to after that!  Clever, kids I think.

After we did our pencil rolls we went outside and had a go at using some of the PMP equipment.  We are using this for our fitness this term.  Today we learned how to use the equipment.  We also learned how it helps our brain.  We had heaps of fun and we followed the instructions very well.

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