Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Inquiry Learning

We asked the big question "What does the Principal do all Day?"

Yesterday we talked about what we thought Mrs Warren does all day and then we wrote some great stories.
We call this the Wonderings part of our Inquiry Journey.

Today we talked about how we could find out what Mrs Warren really does all day.

We came up with some great ideas- have a look at the charts with our ideas on them in our classroom.  We did some very clever and creative thinking. We call this the Discovering part of our inquiry.

We decided the best idea was to ask Mrs Warren some questions about what she does all day.  We came up with some excellent questions.  We have written them all down.
Then we had two ideas about how we thought we could ask Mrs Warren- we could invite her to our class or we could interview her in her office and record the interview on the ipad.

Then we decided to email Mrs Warren to make an appointment with her.

We are very excited about getting a reply.... we checked our email lots of times today but didn't get a reply yet....Mrs Warren is a very busy lady, we wondered what she was doing!

We call this the Let's Do It part of our inquiry.

When we interview Mrs Warren we will compare our ideas about what we thought she does all day with what she really does all you think we will be accurate?

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