Monday, 4 February 2013

Jitter Juice

Today we read two stories about people with the Jitters,

We discovered having the jitters means feeling nervous.
Today some of us felt nervous as we got ready for school for the first time this year.

We were nervous about making new friends, having a new teacher and knowing what to do.
We were also excited about these things.

We decided to make some Jitter Juice.

First we read a poem about Jitter Juice.
Next we poured some lemonade into a magical teapot.....then we poured it into our own special cup.
Then we added a funky ice cube - some had berries inside, some had special colour and flavours inside.
We watched our Jitter Juice magically change colour and flavour.

We enjoyed drinking our Jitter Juice.


  1. Miles loved the Jitter Juice and told us all about it when he came home. We are freezing blueberry cubes tonight to make our own!

    1. Well done Miles, I love that you shared your learning with your family, it is even more fantastic that you are having a go at home! I will look forward to hearing how it tastes at home.