Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Self Control Bubbles

Today we learned about Self Control.
This means we know how to control ourselves.  

Mrs Pelham blew lots of bubbles.... we were so excited, we all jumped up and popped them and made lots of noise and had great fun.

Mrs Pelham talked about self control.
This time when she blew the bubbles we were not allowed to touch them or pop them....even if they landed on our nose!

It was tricky to control ourselves, at first we wanted to pop the bubbles but we quickly learned how to show self control and we managed to let the bubbles pop by themselves!

We are very proud of ourselves.

We can show self control by

  • "staying still on the mat," said Miles
  • "not popping the bubbles," said Riley
  • "doing as you are told to do," said Cillian
  • "doing the right thing," said Ava
  • "not touching the bubbles," said Lily
When we have trouble showing self control we can think of the self control bubbles and it will help us to remember how to show self control.

Thanks to Finn for being our photographer today.

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