Thursday, 21 March 2013

Movie Making Progress

Today we did lots of work on our movies.

We got together with the other people in our groups and we began talking about things like voices, costumes, plot and character descriptions.  We made some pictures of what we imagine our characters will look like and identified some key characteristics.

Bryn was busy directing his group of actors- Israa, Briannah, Miles and Ava as they were having a rehearsal of their movie.

I loved the feedback that Bryn provided to his team.

Riley's group had a great idea.  Part of their movie is set in the Cashmere hills so Riley was keen to take his group to Victoria Park to film so of their movie.  When Riley suggested this we were all very excited but we also realised it posed some problems too.

Riley shared the problems with Mrs Simmons and with our class.

Then we did some problem solving together.

The children suggested lots of ideas

  • Mrs Pelham could take the children in the car -  but what would happen to the rest of the class? - they could have a babysitter was one suggestion
  • how would we get to Cashmere hills?  the children thought we could use google maps to find the way
  • we could use green screen filming and add a background of the Cashmere Hills
  • we could use English Park hills to look like the Cashmere Hills
  • we could ask Riley's Mum or Dad to take us - but we would have to ask Mrs Warren first and the parents of the other children too
The children then went on an adventure to English Park.  The discovered the hills there were pretty good and they think they could probably use those hills to do the filming.

Our next step is to start writing scripts for the movies that are not yet written and then to work on our costumes.  We are feeling very excited!

I am particularly pleased with the way the children are embracing this inquiry learning.  They are driving the direction of this learning and it is so exciting!

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