Monday, 25 March 2013

Movie Making Update

Our movies are coming along rather nicely!

Today it was very exciting as several groups wrote the script for their movies.  I was very impressed with the language the children used and also with the way they were able to write in a way that suited a movie.  I scribed the scripts while the children dictated their ideas.

We discovered we needed some props.  Today some children started to make props.

We also discovered we needed some extra costume pieces.  The children had a great idea to email the parents from our class to see if anyone could help.

We are looking for a mouse, hippo and shadow master costume.  We also wondered if anyone has any plants we could use for a jungle.

We also practiced how we need to move and how we need to speak slowly and clearly when we are doing our movies.

We had a lot of fun.

This clip is a sneak peek at one of the movies we are making.
This movie starts Briannah, Ava, Miles and Israa and it is directed by Bryn

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