Monday, 18 March 2013

St Patrick's Day

What a lot of fun today was!

We started our day by watching Lucy from Room 15 perform two amazing Irish dances.  She did the Irish Reel and then a special dance called St Patrick's Day dance.

Lucy was an outstanding dancer and we enjoyed her performance.  She had a fantastic costume too.

This is a movie of her dancing.  Later in the day we had a go at Irish dancing too!

When we came back to our class Cillian shared some incredible information with our class about St Patrick's Day.  He told us all about who St Patrick was and he told us that he scared all the snakes out of Ireland....and now there are no snakes there!  Cillian spoke very well and we loved how proud he is of his Irish heritage.

Have a listen to him here.'

After this we made some green jelly....we made some to share with our Room 15 friends too!

During reading time today we worked on a poem about Leprechauns and did some other fun Irish activities.  We were going to go on a Leprechaun hunt too but the weather was too wet.
We also played with some very cool green slime!

When it was lunch time Room 15 children came into our class singing "Happy St Patrick's Day to you" to us....and the children each had a special green drink for us!

We enjoyed eating jelly and drinking green lemonade!

At writing time we wrote stories about St Patrick's Day.

Before we went home we each did some Irish dancing.

What a cool day we had!

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