Thursday, 18 April 2013


Today we celebrated ANZAC day.

We began the day by talking about what ANZAC day means.  We discovered it is a time to remember the men who went to war.  We are very lucky that these men fought for our freedom and to make our world a better place.

We had a special assembly where Mr Williams told us a story about 44 men who used to go to St Albans School when they were little boys.  When they grew up these men went to war and they died.  Mr Williams told us what it was like for the children growing up in war times.

We realised we are very lucky and we should remember the soldiers who went to war and never returned.

We also listened to the bugle being played in our classroom and in assembly.  We showed excellent respect during assembly, especially during the minute of silence.

We also did some excellent ANZAC art in our class today.  We made poppies using muffin cases.  We sponged a blue background made out of dye.  Then we added our poppy, finally we painted a stem onto our poppy.  We think our art looks great at it will help us to remember the soldiers who went to war.

Millie and Tilly from Room 5 even brought Mrs Pelham an ANZAC cookie they had baked!  It was YUMMY.

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