Thursday, 11 April 2013

Reflecting on our Movie Making

Today we reflected our our Movie Making Journey.

We started four weeks ago by writing some scripts.  Since then we have done lots of learning and practicing.  Now our movies are finally filmed and nearly ready to play to an audience.

We have worked by ourselves, with buddies and in groups to make our movies work.

We are OWLs.

Bina - I really liked watching our movies but I didn't like it when we had to film the same part again and again and again!  

Riley B- It was really exciting doing the movie making.  My favourite part was when I got to blow up the dynamite and Gollywog was chasing the Shadow Master.  I also liked writing the script.

Grace - I made a poster for the Movie Night.

Ashley - I liked it when we watched the movies

Harper - My favourite part was when we did the filming because it was really cool.

Briannah- I liked it when I was chasing Bryn.

Elenoa - I liked doing the Puppet Show.  I think it sounds so funny when we listen to it.  I liked the news when Fatai and Charlotte introduced themselves.

Tiaan - I like the HippoMarleyGollyGrass Flying Machine.

Cillian - I liked it when we added the Crazy Frog and Star Wars Music to our movie.

Lily - I liked it when we did the filming.

Bryn - my favourite part was doing the directing.

Ava - when I was in Please Don't Sneeze, I liked the coughing and sneezing

Charlotte - I liked the music that Briannah and Bryn were running to.

Cooper - I liked the Buggie Boy music.

Words to describe how we felt while we worked on our movies

fun    exciting     cool     great      incredible     amazing    nervous    magnificent   fantastic  

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