Monday, 15 April 2013

St John Ambulance

Today we learned about how to call for help if we have an emergency.

We had a special visitor from St Johns who showed us a mini ambulance, she showed us the oxygen mask and we even felt the oxygen mist.  Cillian, Bina and Tiaan were lucky enough to try on a St Johns Jacket too.  They looked amazing.

We discovered that St Johns Ambulances and Staff all have yellow and green stripes to help us know who they are.

We practiced dialing 111 in case we have an emergency.  We are allowed to practice this on old phones or toy phones but not the real thing!

We also discovered that there is a very cool club called Penguins which is where children who are six years old are allowed to go along and learn about first aid, play games and earn badges.  I have enrolled Amelia in this club for term two....I wonder if any Room 16 children will be keen to join too.

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