Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is it SCience or Magic?

Today we did a really cool science experiment.

Mrs Pelham put some water in a bucket. She told us she was going to spin it around.

We had to predict is we thought she would get wet.

Some of us thought yes and others thought no.

Then we did the experiment.

WOW, Mrs Pelham didn't spill a drop!

We had a turn too......all of us managed to do the same!  No water was spilt, only Finn got a tiny bit wet as he stopped spinning the bucket!

Mrs Pelhan posed this BIG QUESTION to us

Why didn't we get wet?
Was it Science or Magic?

You did it too fast and the water needs some time to drop out of the bucket - Bryn

The wind was pushing against the water to make it go back into the bucket because we were spinning it fast - Tiaan

When we spun it the air got into the water to stop it from getting out - Bina

it didn't spill because you were spinning the bucket too fast.  When you stopped it didn't come because you were swinging it too fast - Ahsley

Gravity stopped it coming  out - Charlotte

when the  bucket was spining the water was spinning too - Poppy

there was gravity, without gravity it would float in the air and come out of the bucket - Emma

the water stayed in because we swung it too fast and also it meant all the air made it stay in almost like a feather except it's like water in a bucket and you twirl it around - harper     

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