Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Big Question

Today my BIG QUESTION to room 16 is

What is a Scientist?

 they invent stuff like Riley B does - Charlotte

They discover things - Bina

They create things - Grace

A person who makes potions like Bryn - Cillian

Scientists are people who build things - Briannah

  A person that creats robots of inventions that can help you - Miles

 A person that creates new things for all of our lives and sort of changes our lives - Riley B

A person who digs for skeletons - Tiaan

 I think scientists are really good builders and make things that help them learn - Harper

They creat new things for the rest of our lives and they find new islands, planets, galaxies and make potions - Bryn

Scientists make machines - Briannah

Riley suggested we could loook on Wonderopolois to find out exactly what a scientist is!

Great idea Riley.  We went onto Wonderopolis and we asked our big questions,w e hope it gets answered.  Maybe our Mums and Dads could write a comment on this blog post telling us what THEY think a scientist is.

We discovered this clip too.



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