Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BIG Question of the Day

Today my BIG QUESTION is
  What makes things move?

if the wind blows or you touch something and make it move - Bina

your brain makes your body move - Ashley

wiring and potions make robots work - Bryn

pendulums in clocks moves to make lots of clockwork inside go round and round which makes the clock hands move _ Riley B

on Barbie dolls and some other things you can make them move with your arms _ Harper

we pulled Heather's truck - Elenoa

we use technology to make stuff move and you use your brain - Cillian

batteries or gas - Ava

When there is an earthquake things move - Briannah

when an egg starts to hatch it kind of moves and out comes a wee bird - Grace

cars need petrol to move on the road - Emma

Nest we watched a Power Point that Mrs Pelham made.

We discovered that things move because of FORCES.

PUSH and PULL are the two forces that make things move.

MY CHALLENGE to you all tonight is
........ look around your house to see FORCES in action!

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