Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fraction too much Friction

Today we discovered FRICTION.

Friction is what stops you from slipping.  If there are no lumps and it's all flat it will make you slip because it doesn't have any friction - Bina

Trees are all bumpy.  If they didn't have bumps there would be no friction so when people climbed them  they might have an accident and hurt themselves - Emma

There are two kinds of friction - static friction and motion friction - Grace

Friction can be bumpy - Finn

if we didn't have friction we would just slip and slide everywhere - Lily  

We went outside to discover what causes friction in our world.  We discovered the concrete, the deck and lots of other thngs are covered in bumps and dents this causes friction especially when other things with bumps and dents join forces!  Our shoes have lots of bumps and dents in them so when we walk on the bumpy concrete we create FRICTION.

We looked at Bryn's bike.  We noticed there tytpes have lots of bumps on them.  When he rides his bike the bumps on his tyres and the bumps on the concrete join forces and create FRICTION.

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