Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Theory of Water Displacement

Today we learned about another famous scientist called Archimedes.

We discovered that Archimedes is famous because he discovered a very important theory known as the Theory of Water Displacement.

We listened to a story about when Archimedes climbed into the bath and noticed the water level rose.  He called our Eureka when he realised he could use this to check if the kings crown was made of real gold.

We used Lily's drink bottle to explore this theory.  We filled it to the very top with water and then added cubes to the drink bottle.

We noticed that the water rose with each cube we added and eventually it overflowed.

Ask us to explain why this happened.  We are very clever at being able to answer this BIG question.

We learned what a hypothesis is too.

Finn took these photos for us.

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