Monday, 1 July 2013

Fabulous Finn

Finn is a super special wee guy and we all love him to pieces.

Finn has a form of epilepsy that causes him to have absences.  The children in Room 16 are AMAZING at caring for their special friend and they all understand that sometimes Finn has absences. Recently Finn's absences have been getting a bit longer.  Finn doesn't let them stop him doing ANYTHING, he is a very sporty boy and hard to keep up with.

Finn is also a big rugby fan and an expert player.

Today we presented Finn with a special rugby headgear that has been signed by all of the Crusaders.  The Crusaders heard about how cool Finn is and also that he has been having absences that sometimes make him lose his balance.  They all wear headgear when they play rugby to keep their head and brain safe.  The Crusaders thought it would be a good idea for Finn to have his own headgear to wear at school and at home.

Finn looks amazing and is very proud of his head gear - what do you think?

Finn's Mum has some photos of us presenting Finn with his head gear.  I will add them when she has had a chance to send them to me

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  1. That is some very cool headgear Finn!