Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Princess and the Pea

This week we have been reading The Princess and the Pea. We have had a lot of fun with this Fairy Tale. We decided we wanted to discover if our own Mums are real princesses. We had lots of fun doing this! First we came up with a secret plan! We had to find a way to test if our very own mum is a real princess! We came up with a sneaky idea - we would slip a pea under our Mum's mattress and then ask her how she slept the next morning. First we needed to find out how she usually slept.

Next we put our plan into action! We took home our own pea seed.  We had to slip them under out Mum's mattress while she wasn't looking!  It was so exciting to discover that so many of the Mums in our class really are princesses - we even have one Mum who is a real Queen because Lily found her crown in her drawers!

When we came to school today we did a survey to find out how many princess Mums we have!

We recorded our account of this special project - check out our movies here.

 Ava very kindly brought along a fantastic wall hanging she has of the Princess and the Pea - we used this as inspiration for our own art work this week. We cut fabric into strips and made our own Princess and the Pea beds with lots of mattresses on them. Next we made a princess to lie on the bed and we added a pea under the mattresses. We even made our princess a crown and shoes.

A huge thanks to the Mums in our class for joining in the fun with this activity.  It has been so fantastic to see so many beautiful children so excited by this learning project.

Tomorrow we are tasting lots of different types of peas and writing about what we think of them!  I wonder what reaction the children will have!!!

We are also making crowns and jewellery for our Mums - we have a special photo of all of our Mums to do this with, I can't wait to see how special these look.

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  1. Anonymous8/30/2013

    What a fun week its been! Maryanne