Monday, 16 September 2013

I see, I think, I wonder .... I write!

Today we began a new writing adventure with our writing.
 We looked closely at a picture (which I will post in a day or two).
 We spent lots of time talking about what we could see. Then we had a go at writing what we could see - but there was one key word we were not allowed to use! (I'll tell you that word later!).

 Our goal is to have people read our writing and form a picture in their head of what we could see ... then we will show them the photo to see how close they were.

 We have sent home a copy to our parents for them to have a go at ... next we will do some thinking about these creatures and then some wondering - we will end the term with a great wee inquiry.

 Have a read of our ideas here

I see a cub on its soft, furry, mother in a light, sunny clearing of the jungle.  The mother is carrying its soft cub.  They both have soft whiskers.

By Tiaan

One day the baby cub was biting the Mother’s ear.  They have black and white and orange stripes.  There are flowers around them.

By Riley S

In this picture I can se a cub pouncing on his mother and chewing his mother’s ear.  I see a jungle with bushes and flowers. 
I see some sparkling stripes and two black noses.
I see trees surrounding the big jungle clearing.  I see in the clearing green leaves and grass. 
That’s what I can see!

By Lily

I see a cub on its Mother’s back.  It is also chewing its Mothers head!  They are in the forest.  There are also yellow and white flowers and trees.

By Hayden

I can see a baby cub and a mummy.  The baby cub was chewing the mother’s ear.  They were about to go in a jungle.  The baby cub was frightened.  I see white and yellow flowers.

By Emma

I see a cub on her mother’s back, some trees surrounding them, lots of flowers too.  I see black and white an orange stripes, two big ears in a jungle clearing too. I see some long whiskers, some big round eyes, four eyes too.

By Ava

I see orange fur and black stripes.  The cub was biting her mum’s ear.  I see a black nose.

By Ashley

I see an enormous hill with yellow flowers!  It is in a light jungle.  There are some animals.

By Bryn

I saw a cub in deep, dark jungle.  Some whiskers, a bright black nose, two orange ears.  I see a cub chewing on its mother’s ear and trying to climb on her back. 
I see lots of flowers in an emerald bush.

By Israa

I see a cub lying on its mother. I see its black nose.  I think a bit like I’m in so I stop to have a look.  It’s chewing its fur.  It’s orange and black.
I wonder what to do, I see white whiskers, I see a sad face, some yellow flowers behind the cub.

By Bina

I can see a baby cub chewing his mother’s ear.  The baby cub is wrestling his mother.  The mother has long whiskers.  Baby cub has orange eyes. 

By Briannah

I see the cub’s whiskers and a baby cub on the mother’s back.  The cub has a stripy back  and the colours are black and orange.  I see yellow and white flowers.  I think there are yummy, green leaves and  I think they eat green leaves.

By Fatai

I see the cub biting the ear of its Mum.  I can see a wide open mouth.  There are orange stripes.  I can see claws.  It’s got flowers too.

By Finn

I see bushes in the clearing.  I see trees around the clearning.  I see a cub biting her Mum or Dad’s ear.  The little cub had a mum or dad to keep him warm in the dark jungle. 

By Elenoa

One day there was a striped cub with long whiskers and a pink nose cuddling a bigger version of himself.  The small one was chewing on his mother’s ear with sharp teeth and slobbering all over his mother’s head.  The mother was grumpy.
The were inside a jungle clearing with flowers around it.

By Riley B

I can see a mother with her cub.  There are flowers surrounding them.

By Harper

My Challenge to the children is to write a description at home and see if I can work out what the picture is of :)

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