Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Problem Solving

We thought about things that MIGHT go wrong on our Performance Night and ways to solve the problems!

We might arrive late and our classroom is empty - Nethasa
If this happened we could go to the hall or Room 14 because they are the places our class could be - Bryn

We might fall over - Ashely
Pick yourself up - Lily
Carry on and finish your turn on the runway - Mrs Pelham will be waiting to give you a big snuggle AFTER your turn! - Lily

The Light could blow a fuse - Harper
Carry on - because not ALL of the lights would out at the same time - Charlotte

There might be a powercut - Bryn
Stay CALM - the adults would come to help you. - Cillian

YOu might slip on the stairs - Bina
Hold the hand rail when you are walking to avoid this.
If you DO slip, hop back up and carry on, you will be okay. - Israa

The stereo system stopped working - there was no music - Riley B
Carry on - Cooper

There could be a fire - Nethasa
Listen to your teachers - the fire brigade would come and some adults would use the fire hose reel. - Riley B

There could be an earthquake - Ashley
Make a turtle - Harper
Listen to your teachers - they will tell you what to do next - Elenoa

Your costume started to fall to pieces when you are walking - Mrs Pelham
Keep on walking - Finn

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