Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wearable Arts Cloaks

Today we began our plan for our wearable arts cloaks.

We chose a Fairy Tale that we want to represent.
We have done some inquiry learning around symbols and fairy tales.
We have discovered that we can use symbols to represent ideas.

Our challenge is to prepare a cloak that represents a fairy tale of our choice.

Our criteria are

  • our cloak needs to be robust enough to be worn for at least three parades (dress rehearsal, school performance, parent performance)
  • our cloak needs to represent a fairy tale
  • our design is to use symbols not faces
We asked some big questions
  • what are symbols?
  • how can we tell a story without words?
  • how can we symbolise a fairy tale without faces?
  • which colours are 'good' colours and which colours are 'bad' colours?
We did a great job of seeking answers to these questions.
We did some discovering by asking other people and also by looking on google.

Today we designed our cloak on paper and some of us even began to make our patterns - to do this we are cutting our designs out of newspaper and then we will use these patterns to cut the fabric out.  We have to remember to make our pieces BIG!

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