Monday, 14 October 2013

Dinosaur Dig

Today we became Palaeontologists.
We made a magnifying glass and then we went on a Dinosaur Fossil Adventure.

We went to the Egg Playground.
We used our magnifying glasses to hunt for dinosaur fossils.

We all found some!

Then we went back to our class and used toothbrushes, tweezers and water to free our fossil.

It was amazing - Charlotte
It was hard to get the dinosaurs out - Briannah
we got our toothbrush, tweezers and water.  We scrubbed at the fossils - it was mightily hard to get out but we each got our dinosaur out in the end - Riley B
I had water on my fossil to get the dinosuar out - Fatai
The fossils looked like plain rocks - Bina
In the fossil there were little toy dinosaurs - Ava
I tried my best to get the toy out - Nethasa
We also learned about using our hairclips as tweezers! Great thinking Lily! - Harper
I tried to get my dinorsaur out with a toothbrush - Tiaan
We needed toothbrushes and tweezers to get the dinosaurs out of their fossils - Lily
We had to find dirt that covered a dinosaur - it was really hard to get out - Ashley

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