Saturday, 2 November 2013

Art Fun

We continued with our amazing artwork on Friday.

The children painted their person with black paint during the week.

On friday they all cut lots of circles out of the coloured paper we painted last week.

Next they carefully placed each circle onto their person and then glued them on.  Some groups are finished and some groups will finish next week.  Now they just need to be cut out!

I was SO proud of the amazing teamwork I observed during this task - it showed me how mature my little pickles have become over the last few months - they were helping each other, taking turns, giving advice in a kind way, making decisions as a team and encouraging each other.  I wished I could have recorded the conversations but my phone was too flat to record~

1 comment:

  1. We thought your people were colorful. We liked all the circles that you used. We thought the tent was neat to have.

    What did you use to build the tent? When do you get to go in the tent?

    What grade are you in? We are in Kindergarten. We live in the USA.

    Mrs. Rabe's Kindergarten Class
    Arizona, USA