Thursday, 28 November 2013

Reindeer Cookies

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to understand fractions.

I promised the children that if they could show me they had a great knowledge of fractions we would put them to use in a 'real' way.

.... I have been so impressed with how well the children have been able to read and order fractions that today was the day!

We made our own 'chocolate gingerbread reindeer' by baking our own cookies.  The trick was we were only allowed to use the following cup measures

Our recipe need full cups, and 3/4 cup measurements so we had to think hard about how we could make these measurements work ... or our cookies might have tasted a bit odd!

After we worked as a team and made a delicious dough we had a turn at using a rolling pin and gingerbread man cutter.

At lunch time Finn and Nicky baked our cookies in the Room 2 oven.
Our classroom smelt delicious when we came back after lunch.  We left our cookies to cool while we went to the library.

When we came back to our classroom we had fun turning our gingerbread men into reindeer by turning the man on his head!

Have a look at our cool creations

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  1. Hello Room 16

    We are a Year 2 class in Norfolk, UK. We visited your blog as we are trying to visit as many blogs from far off locations as we can, as our topic this term is about airports and travel. What's it like in New Zealand? How do you celebrate Christmas?

    Your reindeer cookies look delicious and we hope that our teacher lets us make something similar when we learn about fractions.

    We have a blog at . Please come and visit us if you get chance.

    Bye for Now!
    Robins Class - Year 2 - Lingwood Primary School, Norfolk, UK