Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Truly Great Day

Today was such a lot of fun.

We started the day by introducing our Teddy Bear to the class.
We were very good at teaching our bears how to use school manners!

We watched some Teddy songs on You Tube too.

After morning tea we visited Room 8....we went on a Bear Hunt to get was so much fun!  We sang the Bear Hunt song as we walked and had quite an adventure.

When we arrived in Room 8 we shared our bears with the children in Rom 8 and then we taught them our Teddy Bears Picnic song.  We did a great job at leading the actions.

During the day all the children who wanted to had a chance to dress up in the bear costumes....they looked so cute!

When we came back from Room 8 we made our own honey sandwiches for our Teddy Bear and we also made a very cool teddy in bed biscuit!

After a bit of a tidy up we went outside to eat our picnic.  Lots of parents came to join was fun sitting on picnic blankets on the field.

We played old fashioned picnic games like hoop races, running races, wheelbarrow races and over and under and tunnel ball.

It was such a fun day.

We enjoyed eating our owl cakes tool

Thanks so much to everyone for making our day special.

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