Thursday, 7 March 2013

Teddy Bears Picnic

All of the Teddys joined in- Riley
I loved the bears joining in our Teddy Bear Picnic - Elenoa
My Teddy liked that my brotehr came to snuggle him - Ava
   It was awesome- Fatai
Everything was fabulous - Grace
I liked it when we got lolly pops- Nethasa
I liked making the sandwiches and the Teddy Bear Biscuits - Lily
   I liked doing the sports games - Bryn and Snap, Snap
My Teddies liked it when we had a picnic - Tiaan
My teddy thought it was delcious - Briannah
My Teddy ate all of the sandwiches that I made _ Harper

It was fun having the picnic - Ashley
It was fun racing - Finn
I liked it - Cillian
I liked doing the races - Bina
All of the bears enjoyed it - Elenoa


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