Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Great St Albans Egg Hunt

On Thursday our whole school participated in one of the greatest days I've ever seen as a teacher.

We had the Great St Albans Egg Hunt.

The reason I was so excited by this event and so proud of everyone that was involved in it was simply because it was Fantastic on so many levels.

I love that our class worked hard with our buddies from Room 23 to prepare for this day by making Easter Baskets and Rabbit Ears.... we even had our faces painted to look just like rabbits!

The cooperation the children showed was outstanding.  With over 50 children working together I am so very proud of all of the children who showed outstanding self managing skills, they worked cooperatively and did a lot of problem solving.  It was a privilege to watch such a large group of children work together without a single cross word!

After lunch our whole school met our on the courts.  Some of the teachers showed us a role play of how the Great St Albans Egg Hunt worked.  It was so much fun to watch and we learned how the egg hunt worked.

Before we went outside we learned how to read a map of the school - this was a tricky skill but we managed it! 

We worked with our buddies to find clues all around the school and then we had to colour our Easter picture in.

When we had all found the clues we went on an adventure to Room 23 where we discovered our Easter eggs!!

The things that I loved the most and was so impressed by was the amazing feeling of community and cooperation across the whole school.  The children were independent, amazingly cooperative and very happy.  I watched children walking hand in hand, I saw older children piggy back little ones with tired legs, I saw friends helping each other read the maps, I saw children take care of others when they tripped over.  I loved standing back and seeing EVERY single child in the WHOLE school inovolved, excited and happy.  All of our school values were captured and expressed in this event, it was a fantastic time.  I am sure this is an event the children will remember for the rest of their St Albans days and I know for me it will remain a teaching highlight.

Huge thanks to Mrs Sutherland and her team for organising such a cool event for our beautiful children.  I am very thankful to not only teach in such a fantastic place but also to know my own children are blessed with an amazing education.

Sadly, I dropped my phone in the sea today so I have only managed to rescue a few photos! I have put together the photos I have rescued into this slideshow.

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