Monday, 8 April 2013

The excitement of Inquiry Learning

I have long been a huge fan of Inquiry Learning.  Our current Movie Making Inquiry just confirms to me how wonderful this type of learning is for children and how exciting it is for teachers!

Today we spent a long time discussing the learning process we have worked through together to produce our movies and begin preparing for our movie night.

These posters capture the children's thinking.  I love that they directed this learning and my role was simply to record their ideas.  I also loved that every child had ideas to share and contributed to the discussion we were having.  I heard some outstanding questions and answers from the children too.

We have followed this inquiry process
Big Idea - this is what started our inquiry journey
Wonderings and Discoveries - at this part of our journey we ask lots of questions and discover answers.  We come back to this part of the process lots during an inquiry.
Let's Do it - this is where we make a plan and DO IT
What Now - we have started carrying out our plan- what do we do now?
Celebration - we can't wait until we can share our learning with our families next will be a super celebration

We decided that in order to prepare for our movie night we need a programme so the people who come along know what will be happening.  I challenged the children to design a programme cover this afternoon.  We decided that it was too hard to pick which design we would use so we emailed Room 23 and asked them to vote on the covers they think are best - we will use the two or three our buddies choose for us.  We also invited Room 23 to come along on Tuesday to watch our movies and for us to have a practice at how our movie night will run.

Today Riley brought along the HippoMarleyGollyGrass Flying Machine that is part of one of the movies.  He and his Dad spent a lot of time in the weekend making it.  They also made a detonator for the same movie!

The children were most impressed....and Hippo, Marley and Golly had a turn at sitting in it today!

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