Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cross Coutnry Day

Today we did Cross Coutnry.  All the kids had to run around the English Park field.

First we had to line up in one wide line.  We listened for the horn.  We felt nervous, sick and excited.  Today was the big day we have been training for!

The horn sounded loudly and we started to run. .... some people ran really fast, other people jogged.  We all did our best.

We had to run up the path and the hill behind English Park.  We were starting to feel puffed but we persevered, we kept on trying.  We took deep breathes, our legs ached, our faces were red and we had huge smiles.  We were doing our best.

We came around the corner and we could hear our parents and our friends cheering for us.  The sound was deafening.  It encouraged us to keep on trying, we ran and we ran and we ran!

The crowd went wild!

The first runners were getting close to the finish line!

As we saw the finish line ahead of us we felt exhausted, excited, proud and pleased with ourselves.

We did it!

We ran the corss country!!

by Room 16

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