Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Number 59

we have been coundint the number of days we have been at school.  When we get to 100 we are having a 100 days of school party!

Today is day 59.

We shared what we know about number 59 with Room 15.

It is almost the middle number between 10-100 v- Tiaan

 There are only 41 more days until we reach 100 - Cillian

Charlotte's mail box number is 59 - Charlotte

It is a big number - Lucy

It is closer to 100 than to 1 - Ashley

it is a two digit number - Nethasa

it's a very cool number - Hunter

it's a very big  number and it is an odd number - Sven

     it is on the middle row of our hundreds chart - Frankie

it's more than half way to 100 - Johani

the number after 59 is 60 - Elenoa

the number before 59 is 58 - Ashley

 it sounds a bit like number 15 like room 15- Isabella

when we got up to 50 the half we coloured in and didn't colour in is the same amount - Briannah 

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