Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our Big Idea

We are Outstanding Wise Learners and we have GREAT ideas.

Today we have been talking about all the fantastic science learning we have been doing.  We have come up with a super plan!

Our BIG IDEA is that at the end of the term when we have done LOTS of science learning and experimenting and predicting and observing and recording we will have our very own SCIENCE FAIR.  This means we will each have our very own science information or experiment to share with other people.

We will need to use the hall to set up all our great learning and then we will invite our families and other classes from our school to come and see what we have done....and we will be able to talk about our learning.  What a cool celebration!

Great thinking Room 16

We have booked the hall so we know we can use it on the right day.

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