Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Science Experiment

Today we have a new science experiment.

We started by rolling a lemon on the ground.  This made the lemon more juicy.
Then we cut the lemon in half and then squeezed it into a pot.
It felt squishy and slippery.

Then we got
a straw
a glass bottle
a dropper

The ingredients we will use in this experiment are
lemon juice
baking soda

Our Predictions

it will explode - Briannah
it will become fizzy - Lily
it will bubble up and go all around - Ashley
the whole thing will start to bubble and fill with lemon soap suds - Riley B
it will bubble up to the top of the jar - Charlotte 
I think it will turn all the girls into beautiful unicorns and all the boys into pirates - Grace
it might bubble over the jar - Bina

What we did
We put in one spoon of baking soda and one squirt of soap into our bottles and mixed with a straw.

Next we put in some lemon juice.

What Happened

It kind of exploded - Harper
It kind of bubbled up - Ashley 
Mine didn't come up, I think I put too much soap in there - Nethasa 
Some people got to the top of their bottle - Poppy
My one was half full - Bina
  Mine didn't go all the way to the top, it only went half way up.



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