Thursday, 7 November 2013

Harper's Discovery

Today Harper shared some awesome news.

Here is a video of Harper sharing news.

She discovered a Woolly Mammoth has been found in a swamp.  It is 39 000 years old!  The scientists think the Woolly Mammoth probably died in the swamp by drowning.  Then it froze.


Israa had a book with some information about Woolly Mammoths that she shared with us.  One thing we discovered was
That Woolly Mammoths lived in Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Northern Europe.

Then we looked on Google and found this article with a video of the Woolly Mammoth.
We learned that to do a Google Search we type in a question and then Google gives us lots of links that might have the information we are looking for.

We also discovered that sometimes Google gives us links that are not so helpful so we have to be WISE to figure out which information we are looking for.

Woolly Mammoth Discovery

Finn used his inquiring mind to to ask a great wondering  He wondered if Mammoths were mammals.  To find an answer to this, Israa looked in her book and we looked on Google.  We all decided that YES, mammoths were mammals - this means they had warm blood like us.

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