Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mrs Rabe's Blog

Today we explored Mrs Rabe's Kindergarten Blog.

It was so exciting because they had left a comment for us yesterday.

This is our reply to them

Hello Mrs Rabe’s Kindergarten Class
We were so excited to get a comment on our blog from you.
We enjoyed looking at your blog. We learned about how some of you help other people. We thought your drawings and video were excellent.
We like our people too. We have finished them now and they are hanging up in our windows for everyone to see.
We have taken the tent down for now. We used the tent as a Paleontologist Camp. We had lots of dinosaurs, books and fun things to do in there. We were allowed in there all day but had to take turns.
We live in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are all 6 and 7 years old now and are in Year 2.
We LOVE school.
What do you do in a school day in America?
Our day is like this
Morning Tea
Topic or Art or PE or Sports
Pack up and go home
Love from
Room 16

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  1. Dear Room 16,

    Thank you for leaving us a comment. We are excited about it!

    From looking at your tent picture, you gave us an idea to make a bat cave to go with our bats unit. Thank you for the idea!

    We have been learning about bats, letters, words, sentences, and about turkeys because Thanksgiving is in three weeks. Do you have a Thanksgiving holiday where you live?

    When we get to school, we put our papers away, and hang up our backpacks. Our daily routine is:
    Calendar Time
    Daily 5 -- Writing
    Lunch and Recess
    Music, PE, or Library
    Writer's Workshop
    Reading Groups
    Science and Social Studies
    We pack up to go home

    We have Zero the Hero come to visit our classroom every tenth day, and he brings us something to do in our classroom. Does Zero the Hero come to your class?

    Alfie the Puppet is our class mascot, and he is currently in Mexico.

    Pete the Cat is in our class watching over us, and he tells us, "It's all good." Do you know who Pete the Cat is?

    We have computers and iPads in our classroom that we use. We also have other learning centers.

    We noticed you have "Morning Tea" at school. What is that? Does that mean you go to a fun place and drink tea and eat?

    From your new blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Rabe's Kindergarten Class
    Arizona, USA