Tuesday, 19 November 2013


We had a long talk about Manaakitanga today.  This is one of our school values.

We have noticed that everyone is feeling a bit tired and grumpy at the moment!

We talked about what Manaakitanga means - here are our ideas

  • working together as a team - Briannah
  • be kind- Ava
  • if someone feels upset, take care of them - Harper
  • if someone has no one to play with include them in your game = Harper
  • be caring - Bina
  • Be nice to other people - Poppy
  • show respect to other people - Cillian
  • help each other - Cooper
  • include everyone - Elenoa
  • take care of people when they are hurt - Ashley
  • help other people if they can't do something - Tiaan
  • if someone is scared to do something encourage them and help them - Harper
  • make new friends - Finn

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  1. Anonymous11/19/2013

    what wonderful caring children you are! Ava's Mum