Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Yer One Athletics

Today was teh Year One Athletics Sports Day.

We had a great idea for a mini inquiry!

Our Plan
Our class watched some of the sports.
We took photos while we watched.

Then we thought of some questions we can ask the Year One children tomorrow.
We will interview the Year One children and then make up some news reports about the Athletic Sports.

We will video the Year Ones being interviewed and we will write our own news stories then we will make an imovie about the Year One Athletics.

When it is all finished we will share it with the Year One children.

Here are some questions we could ask

  • were you nervous?
  • were you excited?
  •  how were you feeling?- before teh sports and after the sports?
  • did you feel a little bit scared?
  • when you finished all the sports were you puffed and tired?
  • Did you have fun?
  • Did you have a goal?
  • do you think you were good at athletics?
  • how did your racing go?
  • did you do your best?
  • how did the people who fell over react?
  • how did you feel?
  • did you have a great time?
  • was it exhausting?
  • what was your favourite part of athletics day?
  • how did you prepare for the sports day?

We emailed the Year One teachers to ask if we can go to their classes to interview the children.  This is our email.

Dear Teachers
Our class loved watching your Athletic Sports today.  We had fun and think you did really well.
We are doing a mini inquiry in our class.  We would love to interview some children from your class tomorrow (Wednesday).  We are making news reports and a news story.  We will be ready after morning tea.  Would be okay to come to your class and ask some questions please?  We will record your answers on our iPads and Mrs Pelham's phone.
Please let us know if we can come to your room or if another time would be better.
Love from
Room 16

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