Monday, 11 November 2013

Rosie's Dairy

Our Brainstorm

  • Matt kept touching the electric fence and zapping himself
  • Matt didn't want to hug Rosie
  • Matt didn't know how to milk the cows - but he said he did
  • Matt made Rosie cry
  • Matt was being very silly because he kept throwing all the milk away
  • Matt kept playing on his PSP
  • Matt was surprised that the Becky could do a secret triple combo move on the PSP and he was angry
  • Becky wanted to help Matt
  • Matt stood in poo
  • Matt kept hopping when he had poo on his shoe
  • Matt said he wasn't tired but he actually was and fell asleep quickly
  • It was still dark when Matt and Becky woke up in the morning
  • They got up really early to do all the jobs
  • They had to milk the cows before they had breakfast
  • Rosie danced with Becky and Matt
  • Farmtastic
  • Moooove
  • Cow Pai

We learned

  • that you need to do the milking or you won't have butter, milk, yoghurt, ice cream and cheese
  • always be careful and take care of the cows
  • milk has lots of nutrients in it
  • milk makes you healthy
  • there are different kinds of milk
  • there are different parts to the farm like the front paddock, milking sheds, back paddock
  • don't handle the cows too much
  • cows have an udder and that's where the milk comes from
  • cows have four stomachs
  • they eat the grass and chew it and swallow it, then they burp it back up again and chew it again then swallow it and goes into different stomaches
  • cows can give you a very powerful slap if they get a fright

Our Recount

We went to the hall to see a show called Rosie's Dairy.  We were expecting to see a show about a girl.  We were so surprised when Rosie turned out to be a Dairy Cow!

We waited outside the hall when Mrs Ashby blew her whistle.  We did the roll and then we went inside the hall with all the other classes.  It was quite noisy then a man waved his hands and the show began!

At the start of the show a girl called Becky who worked on the farm came out.  The dairy cow, Rosie, came out as well.  Matt also came out.  They sang a funny song about Rosie.  We said hello in cow!  MOOOOOOO.

When Rosie was watching Matt playing on his PSP she kept looking at him and asked for a turn - but she had HOOVES not hands so she couldn't play it.  She dropped it on the ground and nearly stepped on it instead.  Matt said MOOOOOVE over!

Matt made Rosie cry because he wasn't being kind to her.

We learned about the parts of a farm. We thought it was clever because the actors changed the back boards to make new scenes.  We discovered the front paddock, back paddock, milking shed and farm house are all on the farm.

Becky took Matt to the house for the night.  He was super tired and fell asleep quickly.  The next morning Becky woke him up before the sun was up.  Matt moaned - moo.  He had to help do lots of jobs.  The first job was to milk the cow.  Matt was not doing a good job.  

Rosie and Becky taught Matt why milk is important.  Milk gives us cheese, cream, yoghurt and ice cream so if he doesn't milk the cows well we won't have these things.  Matt started to work harder.  We thought this was FARMTASTIC.

Matt understood why milk and farms are so important.  

We thought the show was Cow Pai!

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